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Posts tagged: debt

January Advice Column

I’ve built up a bit of debt and I am panicking. Even though I cut back, Christmas wasexpensive, my rent has gone up and my paycheque just doesn’t stretch as far as itused to. I’m doing everything I can but it’s not enough – what can I do? First of all, it’s important to know […]

We’re braced for the busiest time of year for debt advice

We are expecting around 150 people to seek advice for debt concerns in January, including problems relating to council tax arrears, credit card debt, rent arrears, and unsecured loans. Analysis of national Citizens Advice data over a 12-month period reveals that on a single day – 29 January 2019 – Citizens Advice offices helped 2,776 […]

Top tips for safe and savvy consumers on Black Friday

In the last year, the Citizens Advice consumer service has dealt with almost half a million consumer-related issues like faulty washing machines, undelivered parcels and fake designer goods. Over 50,000 of these were during November 2018, by far the busiest month for the consumer service. Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the busiest shopping weekend […]

Combating financial abuse (video with subtitles)

Find out about financial abuse and how to prevent it by watching the video below. This is a short animation created for Citizens Advice Telford & Wrekin and Citizens Advice Shropshire, funded by members of the Insurance Institute for Shropshire & Mid-Wales; and developed in collaboration between Matrix Capital and the Telford & Wrekin Safeguarding […]

Want advice on managing money or dealing with debts? We’re here to help.

    To help people get started, we’re sharing eight top tips to help people get their finances in order. Our top tips for getting your finances in order. Do a simple budget Write down your income and take away your essential bills such as gas and electric, food and transport. If you have money […]