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Shropshire Council are considering making changes to Council Tax Support

At the moment if you live in Shropshire and receive benefits you’re eligible for 100% Council Tax Support and do not have to pay any Council Tax.

Shropshire Council are proposing that (unless you receive a severe disability premium, a war pension or are in the support group for Employment and Support Allowance) you will have to make a 20% contribution to your Council Tax bill from next April.

Shropshire Council say:

‘People receiving council tax support of working age, and not classed as severely disabled, would be directly impacted by the proposed changes. Anyone who may need to claim in the future may also be affected. The changes would have an impact on people both in and out of work.’

The change means that people receiving Income based Job Seekers Allowance; Income based Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit would have to pay 20% of their Council Tax bill.

This would mean paying £4 a week/ £16 a month (£208.00 over the year) for people living in Band A properties.

Shropshire Council want to hear your views and how these changes would (or could in the future) affect you.

Make your voice heard and fill out their survey.  Follow the link below and click the ‘How to get involved’ button.