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This site has been designed to be easy to use and accessible. If you are having difficulties, have a look at the information in this section. You can also look at our help page. This page contains information about:

The accessibility bar
Many features that make the website easier to read and are in the blue accessibility bar at the top of each page:
The accessibility bar found at the top of each page

Contrast and alternative colour schemes
Some people find it easier to read text in other combinations of colour and background. Sometimes this is called ‘high contrast’. You can change combinations by using the ‘Contrast’ button in the accessibility bar, or by clicking the examples below:

Text size
There are three text sizes: small, medium and large. To switch between them select one of the three ‘A’ buttons in the accessibility bar. If you have not changed the size, it will be set to small.

Text only or plain textThe location of the plain text option in the accessibility bar
There is a text-only version of our website. This is for people that:

  • using a slow internet connection
  • use a screen reader
  • find the website too ‘busy’

This plain text version includes a handy ‘Skip to content’ link at the top of each page that takes you to the body of the page. The plain text version can be accessed by first selecting ‘Accessibility’ in the accessibility bar. You can change back at any time using the return to full version link at the top of each page.

Easy read
The easy read version of our website uses plain language and pictures. Click ‘Easy read’ in the accessibility bar to see it.

Other languages
The ‘Language’ button in the accessibility bar allows you to read our website in other languages. This function is provided for free by another organisation. We cannot guarantee that the translation is correct.
The website from Citizens Advice also provides more detailed advice in some other languages. Go to our languages page to see which languages.

Screen resolutions
Different screens display our website differently. This website has been optimized for screens with resolutions of 1024 pixels wide and above.

  • If the screen you are using has a lower resolution than this, you may need to scroll more in order to view the content.
  • On screens with a higher resolution than this, text and images may appear smaller. The text size can be increased via our accessibility bar as explained in text size.

In all cases you can use of the zoom feature in many web-browsers. Although the location of this feature will change between browsers it can often be found in the ‘View’ menu towards the top of the screen or window.