How to use the website

This page provides help on how to use this website. If you need advice please visit the advice section of the website. If you would like to make the website easier to read visit our accessibility page. You can find information below about:


Searching the website 
The search box is found in the top right-hand side of the screen at the same level as our logo. To use it:

  1. Click on the white box to focus the cursor in it
  2. Type a word or phrase that relates to the information you wish to find
  3. Click on ‘Search’
  4. You will see a list of results – choose a page to visit by clicking the link

If you have not found what you are looking for, try searching again.

  • If you get too many results be more specific by adding more words to your search
  • If you do not get any results try to think of other words that describe what you are looking for and search for those words


A to Z
You can access the A to Z by using the accessibility bar at the top of any page. The A to Z lists topics which this website covers. When you click on a topic, you will see a list of all pages which have information on that topic and a short description of each page.

Site map
The site map lists all of the pages on the website in the order they appear. You can use it to get an overview of the website and to jump to a specific page by clicking on the link.

Tablet computers, mobile phones and other devices
This website is designed to be used on a variety of devices. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that it will work perfectly on all devices. If you are having problems consider using the built in tools such as Search, A to Z and the Site map to help you to navigate.

Printing pages from the website
You will find a print button at the bottom of each page – simply click the button to start printing the page you are on. What happens next will depend on your internet browser, and you will need a printer.

Social media and e-mail
Some pages on the website have a series of links to encourage you to post our content on social media websites. To do this simply click the icon for the website you wish to post on.  You will need to have registered for an account and to be signed in to the social media website to do this. More sites are available via the orange and white ‘plus’ icon.You can also e-mail information to someone using the e-mail button.

Log on
This feature is only for staff and volunteers at Citizens Advice Shropshire.