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We use our clients’ experience and stories to campaign for positive change, speaking up about the policies and services that cause people problems. As a local Citizens Advice we can spot emerging issues early, and use our evidence to tackle the root cause of problems.

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Past research

Welfare reform and working people

When people start making the transition from Tax Credits to Universal Credit they are likely to see significant falls in the money they receive. In February and March 2016 we conducted research with local residents to help us to understand the options available to them.

Welfare reform and working people key findings report July 2016

We asked about people’s jobs, their finances and their wider lives. We find that many are already concerned about their financial security. Nearly 3 in 5 are not confident they can increase their income from work. With the transition to Universal Credit set to be completed within the next 5 years, government and employers now need to consider how best to support working people receiving benefits as changes take effect.

Universal Credit

Citizens Advice Shropshire joined 15 other offices to research the impact of the delivery of Universal Credit on Citizens Advice clients.

The research highlights the difficulty clients had waiting at least six weeks for their first payment of Universal Credit and some of the administrative and structural problems that often further delay payment. It found that 4 in 5 Citizens Advice clients who have claimed Universal Credit have difficulty managing to pay their rent, and afford to pay for food and gas and electricity whilst waiting for their first payment.

Download the report : Waiting for Credit

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