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Citizens Advice Shropshire advises everyone – including policy and law makers. We build on our work for individuals by campaigning for change to improve the situation for many. Find out more…

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We record a lot of details on the issues people ask our help with. In addition we record some personal data. We use all this data in anonimous form in a number of ways:

  • to inform local and national campaigns or consultations to improve policies and practices that influence people’s lives. In doing so we prevent problems from happening again and we help people we haven’t even met yet.
  • to share with partner organisations so they can adjust their services and make sure public money is spent in the most efficient way. We provide for instance statistics to Shropshire’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, the Children’s Centres, the Health & Wellbeing board and the Shropshire Hate Crime Initiative.
  • to show the impact and outcomes of our work.

Here are some of our most recent reports that you might find interesting. If you think we could help you in your work with some of our data, please contact us to discuss.

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